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SEOIf you are a business owner and are concerned about the best way to bring in customers, the internet is a dominant force in marketing. There are over one hundred billion searches every month in Google. Consumers are using their iPads, computers, tablets, and cell phones to search for products.

If your company does not have a website and a presence on the internet, you will definitely be left behind. The next important consideration is where your listing is in the search engines. The company in the number one position receives about thirty-three percent of the traffic; the number two position receives about eighteen percent of the traffic. The top two positions get the majority of the traffic in the search engines. Thousands of websites on the internet receive no organic traffic.

One solution is search engine optimization. New Orleans SEO LiftYourRank is the premier SEO company to choose when you want results. There are numerous testimonials to verify their successes for local and national companies. When Lift your Rank accepts you as a client, they treat and monitor your website as their own. Your websites will be analyzed in depth to ensure that it is structured properly for the search engines. One major problem that this company addresses immediately is duplicate content, or poorly written content because content is so important in bringing customers to your site. All these details are analyzed for your site to be in the best possible position.

Off-page analysis is another important component of SEO. This company links your site to industry blogs, online directories, etc. Social linking continues to be significant also. You want as much exposure for your company as possible. All errors on your site are eliminated by cleaning up the code. Improving the flow of the pages on your site is  necessary to make sure your customers stay on your website.

Search engine optimization is time consuming and requires expertise in many areas. The most important decision that you will make for your website is to hire a qualified on-line marketing specialist. For more information, please click here.